Searches in MAPPS

The MAPPS Customer Self Service Portal (CSS) allows customers to search for and view information related to permits, plans, inspections, code cases and business licenses. The search feature can be accessed from the top menu in the CSS screen.


 Searching public records in MAPPS

Public records can be searched and viewed without registering a MAPPS CSS account simply by typing an address, TMK number, case number or any other search term into the search bar and then hitting the “Enter” or “Return” key on your keyboard or clicking “Search” next to the search bar. The system will display search results right below with the ability for the user to further access more detailed information by selecting a record from the search results by clicking on an inspection, permit, plan, code case, or license number. Public records in MAPPS

Advanced Search

Choosing any of the search option types (except for ALL) and clicking the “Advanced” button, will bring up additional fields to further narrow your search results. The available advance search criteria will vary depending on the option you selected in the “Search” drop-down, i.e. depending on whether you are searching for permits, plans, inspections, code cases or (business) licenses. Advanced Search

Not all fields in the advanced search need to be utilized, and any combination can be used. You can click “Reset” to clear the entered search criteria and “Advanced” to hide the advanced search criteria.

CSS help video regarding searches in MAPPS

For more information about what you can search for and to see a demonstration, view the “Information available without logging in” CSS help video:

Exporting Search Results

The system also allows you to export an Excel file of your search results. As soon as any search results are displayed after performing a search, an “Export” button will appear on the right next to the search bar.  Once you click on the “Export” button, you will see a pop-up box where you can enter a file name and select to either “Export first 1000 Results (default)” or “Export Current View”. Then click “Ok” to start exporting the search results data.

Searching in MAPPS as a registered user

The only difference in searching the MAPPS system for a registered MAPPS user is that you will be able to view more details about any cases in the system that you are a contact for, including applications that you submitted with your account. As a registered user, if any actions are available on a case only the applicant will see all available actions and will have action buttons to click on to perform actions. In addition, certain review information and attachments related to a case are only visible to the applicant. The contacts section in a case record will let a user know that they are not an authorized contact if they are not an assigned contact on a particular case.