ZAED Commercial Ag Structure Review & Registration


"Commercial agricultural structure" means an agricultural products stand, farmer's market, agricultural retail structure, or agricultural food establishment.  Producers who propose to own or operate a commercial agricultural structure must register the structure with the Department of Planning in accordance with Maui County Code, Section 19.30A.072.

How to Apply

Commercial Agricultural Structure Registration may be submitted online, via the MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting Solution.

You must have a MAPPS Custom Self Service (CSS) account in order to apply online. Complete the information in all the steps in MAPPS CSS and upload the required documents related to your application.

Commercial Agricultural Structure Registration Requirements

  1. Producer Verification – Submit a copy of lease, license, etc ** Must show a minimum duration of 1 year **
  2. Owner/Producer Certification form  .  Complete the certification form and upload as a required document.  
  3. Copy of the deed or documents identifying the owners(s) of the subject parcel of land, and legal description of the subject property. The legal description is normally found on the deed or other transfer/conveyance documents. 
    1. If the ownership of the property is held in trust, LLC, corporation, etc., include with your application documentation showing the officer/manager etc., with authority to execute documents. 
  4. Site Plan showing all active agricultural use(s) and all structures including their dimensions and uses.  Include any parking areas.  
  5. Plans of the structure designating the location and dimensions.  Include a scaled, dimensioned floor plan sections, elevations, and other physical features, including plumbing and electric.  

Note: Incomplete applications will delay processing. 

Approving Agencies

Department of Planning

Duration of Approval

No expiration.


No fee required for the registration.


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