ZAED Sign and Banner (Promotional Sign) Permits


To regulate and control the erection, location and maintenance of signs in a manner to protect the public health, safety and morals, and to promote the public welfare while providing a method of effective advertising.

To preserve the quality of life in the County of Maui by retaining the natural beauty of landscape, view, and attractive surroundings of the County.

How to Apply

Sign and Banner (Promotional Sign) Permits may be submitted online via MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting Solution.

You must have a MAPPS Custom Self Service (CSS) account in order to apply online. Complete all of the information in the steps in MAPPS CSS and upload the required documents related to your application.

Each time period for a promotional sign requires a separate Banner application in the MAPPS system.

Note: If the property where the sign or banner is to be located is in the Lahaina or Wailuku Historic Districts please use the Historic District Signs and Banners application via MAPPS

Please visit the Historic District Signs and Banners application support site to view more information on how to apply. 

If the property where the sign is to be located is in the Country-Town Business District and is under 12 square feet, please do not submit a sign application. Instead, you must submit a Country Town Business Approval application for review and approval. 

Please visit the CP CTB - Country Town Business Approval application support site to view more information on how to apply.

If you are applying for signs in a Project District, please ensure that all requirements in the appropriate design guidelines are followed. If you have any questions regarding project district design guidelines please contact the Current Division at (808) 270-8205.

Sign Permit Application Requirements

  • Ownership documents
    • Submit documentation for proof of ownership (title report, deed, lease agreement, etc.). Ownership documents are required for EACH lot and can be combined into one PDF file.
  • Letter of Authorization 
    • Written Authorization from the property owner if the Applicant is the Agent of the Owner, a licensed property manager, or the Lessee.  
      • The written authorization must include the name, address, and telephone number of the applicant and, if the applicant is an agent, property manager, or lessee, the name, address, and telephone number of the owner and any intervening lessees of the real property on which the sign is to be erected. 
      • For applicants who are lessees, written consent executed by the owner of the real property on which the sign is to be erected, authorizing the applicant to apply for the sign permit and an authorized licensed sign contract to erect the sign. 
      • All letters from the owner authorizing the applicant to act on the owner’s behalf must include evidence that the authorization is from the legal owner.  
  • Site Plan
    • The site plan must identify the type, size, sign area, and location of all other signs that are on buildings and business establishments on the lot.
  • Location Map
    • The locational map should identify the site, adjacent roadways, and identifying landmarks.
  • Colored Drawings
    • An accurate written description of the dimensions of the sign, setbacks from the property lines and other buildings, method of construction and attachment to buildings and structures, illumination, materials, graphics, logos, lettering, and message of the sign. 
    • Plans of the sign, including a site plan, graphic representation of the sign design, and elevation of the sign on any buildings or structures. 
  • For multi-tenant buildings and lots, an approved comprehensive signage plan must be submitted. If a plan has not been approved, sign permit applications shall be considered, provided that: 
    • The proposed sign complies with all applicable County sign codes. 
    • The property owner, authorized agent, or licensed property manager confirms in writing that the proposed sign conforms to a planned comprehensive signage plan to be filed. 
    • A complete comprehensive signage plan application is filed within 180 days of the granting of a sign permit under this subparagraph, and that the sign permit be issued conditionally with this noted. 
  • Labeled photographsof the lot and all signs located on the lot. 
    • The photos submitted must be of sufficient quantity and quality
    • If parcel on which the signs are to be erected has no signs please provide dated, and labeled photos of the project site and property.
  • A non-refundable filing fee as established in the annual budget ordinance.  Fee Schedule, Table B

Banner (Promotional Sign) Permit Application Requirements

  • Event Information
    • Name of Event
    • Date(s) of Event
  • Sign Location
  • Sign Size
  • Sign Message 
  • Business Frontage 
  • Nonrefundable Filing Fee 
    • Non-profit entities are exempt from having to submit the filing fee if they provide the appropriate evidence to verify their non-profit status

Note:  Incomplete applications will delay processing.

Approving Agencies

Sign and Banner applications are reviewed and approved by the  Department of Planning, Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division.

PermitProcessing TimeDuration of ApprovalFees
SignsApproximately 45 daysExpires within 180 days, unless properly erected.

Non-refundable filing fee in the amount set forth in Fee Schedule, Table B .

BannersApproximately 30 days
* Note: incomplete applications/information will delay processing
Permits are approved for 14 days

Non-refundable filing fee in the amount set forth in Fee Schedule, Table B  .
Non-profit entities may be exempt the non-refundable filing fee if verification of their non-profit status is included with their application.


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