ZAED Parking Applications


These applications are required when requesting off-site parking (OSP), or a parking reduction waiver (PRW).

How to Apply

Submit an application online via MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting System.

You must have a MAPPS Custom Self Service (CSS) account in order to apply online. Complete the information in all steps in MAPPS CSS and upload the required documents related to your application.

Off-Site Parking Application Requirements

  1. Non-refundable filing fee
  2. A site plan with the parking layout of the lot providing off-site parking
    • This site plan must: 
      1. Be signed, dated, and drawn to scale with the scale identified
      2. Show the location of the subject lot within the general area
      3. Show the entire lot (lot lines with metes & bounds), and structures
      4. Show the parking areas, access, and landscaping, including:
        1. Number each and all parking spaces
        2. Identify the parking surface material
        3. Show the parking space dimensions, isle width, and maneuvering areas
        4. The location of existing trees, hedging, and walls adjacent to the parking areas
  3. A Comprehensive Parking Analysis for the lot providing off-site parking
  4. Labeled photos of all parking areas for the lot providing off-site parking 
    • NOTE:  The photos should be of sufficient quantity and quality so that a site visit would not be needed.
  5. Ownership documentation to identity the recorded owner / lessee of record (for each lot)
    • Corporations, trusts, etc. and any lot not owned by an individual must provide documents identifying the individuals authorized to sign on behalf of the owner.
    • For any lot not owned by the applicant, also provide a letter of authorization from the legal owner giving permission to allow the applicant to represent the owner on this application.
  6. Is there an approved Landscape Planting Plan for Parking Lots (LPAP) for the lot providing off-site parking?
    • IF YES: Include a copy of the LPAP approval letter and a copy of the approved Landscape Plan with your submittal to the MAPPS system 
    • IF NO: Submit a separate LPAP Application via MAPPS
      • You can access more information on how to apply for a LPAP application by visiting the MAPPS support site.
    • NOTE:  An approved LPAP must be obtained prior to the OSP approval.
  7. Are there any existing Unilateral Agreements for Off-Site Parking for the lot providing the off-site parking?
    • IF YES:    Submit a copy of the above agreements and see the note below. 
    • IF NO:    See the note below.
      • NOTE:  Prior to the Department issuing an Off-Site Parking approval, the Department will require a copy of a new Unilateral Agreement for Off-Site Parking that has been recorded with the Bureau of Conveyances of the State of Hawaii.  However, prior to the recordation of this agreement and in an effort to reduce the need for revisions; the Department will ask for an executed original and one copy of this agreement for review and approval after the (1) Site Plan with Parking Layout, (2) Comprehensive  Parking Analysis, and (3) Landscape Planting Plans for Parking Lots (LPAP) have been reviewed and approved.

Parking Reduction Waiver Application Requirements

  1. Evidence that the applicant is the owner or lessee of record of the real property
  2. A letter of authorization from the legal owner if the applicant is not the owner  
  3. A plot plan drawn to scale of the proposed site that includes the parking layout
  4. An analysis of how the proposed action conforms with the Maui County Code criteria 
  5. Non-refundable filing fee (see Fee Schedule, Table B, Other Permits and Approvals

NOTE: Incomplete applications will delay processing 

Duration of Approval

No expiration


Non-refundable filing fee. See Fee Schedule, Table B, "other permits and approvals" Checks are payable to the "County of Maui, Director of Finance".


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