ZAED Flood Development Application


  • Regulates construction in areas subject to flood hazards.
  • For the protection of life and property.
  • For the reduction of public costs for flood control, rescue and relief efforts.
  • To promote the safety, health, convenience and general welfare of the community.
  • Imposes restrictions upon man-made changed to improved and unimproved real estate within flood hazard areas.
  • Qualifies the County of Maui for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Required to qualify for federal financial assistance for acquisition and construction purposes.
  • Required for the making, securing, extension, and renewal if loans secured by improved real estate by lending institutions regulated by the federal government.

How to Apply

Flood Development applications (FDP) are completed and submitted online via MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting System. Some certifications must be completed by a civil or structural professional engineer, architect or land surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Hawai‘i.

You must have a MAPPS Custom Self Service (CSS) account in order to apply online. Complete the information in all the steps in MAPPS CSS and upload the required documents related to your application.

For additional information on how to navigate the MAPPS webpage and how to create an account please visit the County’s MAPPS Informational page and the “How Do I?” section of the Support Site. 

Flood Development Application Requirements

  1. Application for Special Flood Hazard Area Development Permit
    1.  A Letter of Authorization template is available here.
  2. Flood Hazard Area Certification (FHAC) 
    1. The FHAC is a required document for all FDP application
  3. Elevation Certificate
    1. A pre-construction Elevation Certificate, based on construction drawings is required to be filled out and submitted as part of the application packet.
    2. After construction is completed, a finished construction (as-built) Elevation Certificate (FCEC) is required to be submitted to the Planning Department. The FCEC must be completed and certified by a HI licensed surveyor and it must include all machinery and equipment servicing the building (HVAC) such as water heater, AC condensers, electrical junction boxes, etc. This equipment is required to be elevated to 1’ above the BFE.
    3. Note: If you get a “Please Wait” error when trying to download the new Elevator Certificate form, it’s due to some incompatibility issues with the alternative PDF viewer used by certain browsers. Please try this work around to download and view the new Elevation Certificate form:
      1. Right click on the Download File or the Elevation Certificate link above and select “Save Link As” 
      2. Save it to your computer 
      3. Once it’s on your computer, you should be able to open it using Adobe or another PDF viewer.
  4. Coastal High Hazard Area Certification 
    1. The Coastal High Hazard Area Certification is only required for development in V-Zones
  5. Cumulative Cost Worksheet
    1. The Cumulative Cost Worksheet is required for structures built prior to June 1, 1981 and for properties affected by the September 25, 2009 and subsequent FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map revisions that are below the base flood elevation (BFE). Used to determine whether the project qualifies as a substantial improvement. Staff will request this documentation when it is required.
      1. Note: If a project qualifies as a substantial improvement then the entire structure is required to be elevated to one foot above the base flood elevation or flood depth and to comply with Maui County Code Chapter 19.62 Flood Hazard Areas.
  6. Site plan and/or construction drawings.

    Note:  Incomplete applications will delay processing.

Approving Agency

Flood Development Permits are reviewed and approved by the Department of Planning, Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division.

Estimated Processing Time

Flood Development Permits are reviewed approximately within 30-90 days.

Duration of Approval

Flood Development Permits are approved for the described work and have no expiration date, unless the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps have been revised.