WWRD Recycled Water Use Application and Permit: Temporary Use Projects


Any commercial, industrial, agricultural or managed property wishing to obtain a permit to utilize recycled water for temporary uses (dust control, cleaning - high pressure water cleaning of surfaces, construction etc.) is required to first obtain approval from the County of Maui and the State Department of Health.

How to Apply

Obtain and complete the RW-1 Project Application and submit it along with construction plans to the Wastewater Reclamation Division for review and approval.  The RW-2 form can also be downloaded to show the typical step by step review/approval process.

Go to the Maui County’s MAPPS Customer portal to make your submittal for a Recycled Water Use Permit – Temporary.

Approving Agencies

The Department of Environmental Management Wastewater Reclamation Division (WWRD) and the State Department of Health Wastewater Branch (DOH) both need to review applications and plans to authorize recycled water use. WWRD issues the final use permit, monitors compliance and processes billing.

Processing Time

Application and Plan Review can take several weeks depending on the complexity and quality of the project application and plans.  Once the plan is approved by both agencies, construction, inspections, training, final approvals and permit issuing can occur over a few days.

Duration of Approval

A Temporary Recycled Water Use permit is issued at the end of the process.  It has an agreed upon expiration date.  The County will conduct periodic inspections during the project to insure that the permitee is adhering to all of the State of Hawaii Use Guidelines and the system is not modified from its approved configuration.  Any proposed modifications will require a new permit review and approval.


There are not any upfront application fees for this plan and application review.

Upon permit issuance, an account will be created and the user will be billed monthly for the volume of water used.  Normally this is added to the users Water/Sewer bill.   Fees are set forth in the Annual County Budget (Appendix B: Rates and Fees). The current fees are as follows:

  • The monthly service charge is $10 per recycled water meter 
  • The cost per thousand gallons used is dependent on type of use as defined in Maui County Code 20.30.030:
    • Major Agricultural:    $0.30/1,000 gallons
    • Agricultural:                 $0.43/1,000 gallons
    • All Others:                     $1.55/1,000 gallons
  • Typically, a temporary user will fall into the “all others” category.

Set of Plans Required

Plans and applications are submitted and reviewed electronically. 

The plan set should be signed/stamped by your Engineer/Landscape Architect and include:

  • Project location map
  • Overall site plan that highlights the area where recycled water will be applied/used.
  • Standard Recycled Water Construction Notes and Specific Project Notes
  • Plan view of proposed construction (pipelines, meters, valve boxes, sprinkler heads, manholes, fire hydrants, signage etc.)
  • Landscape Plan (if applicable)
  • Detail Sheet
  • Picture of truck with required signage if being used for the application.
  • See the RW-1 Application for additional requirements

Approved plans for the project are required to be on file with the Wastewater Reclamation Division. 


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  2. Any questions can be directed to:
    Mr. Albert Hahn
    Recycled Water Coordinator
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