WW - Discharge License - Food Truck/Trailer


All Food Truck or Trailer establishments who discharge wastewater that is processed at the County of Maui's Wastewater Treatment facilities are required to obtain a Food Truck/Trailer Wastewater Discharge License.

How to Apply

Go to the Maui County’s MAPPS Customer portal to apply for your license  Note that the MAPPS system calls it a Business License.  Choose the Food Truck/Trailer Wastewater Discharge License and follow the prompts.  The Wastewater Reclamation Division will review your application. 

Renewal reminders are automatically sent to establishments three months prior to the current license's expiration. Note that all establishments must pass a pre-treatment inspection prior to issuance or renewal of a license. 

A user with an expiring Wastewater Discharge license shall apply for Wastewater Discharge license reissuance by submitting a complete license application, in accordance with Maui County Code Chapter 14.21A.100, at least ninety days prior to the expiration of the existing Wastewater Discharge license. 

Approving Agencies

The Department of Environmental Management Wastewater Reclamation Division is authorized to review and process all Wastewater Discharge applications and issue resulting licenses.

Processing Time

Licenses are normally completed within a week provided all required information is included in the application.

Duration of Approval

A Wastewater Discharge license is valid for a two-year period. The license indicates an expiration date and is non-transferable. A Wastewater Discharge license expires at eleven fifty-nine p.m. on the specified date.


Fees are set forth in the Annual County Budget. The current fees are as follows:

  • Initial application fee for first time license is $10 for food service establishments 
  • A $120 fee is applicable for new license issuance 
  • License renewals require a $120 fee 

All fees are non-refundable. Payments can be made electronically on the MAPPS Customer Portal once they are assessed. Checks are made payable to "County of Maui, Director of Finance".

Verification Photos Required

Photos showing the 3-compartment sink and hand sink connection to the minimum 10 gallon IAPMO Certified grease interceptor with a sample spigot.
Contact Wastewater Reclamation Division if you have any questions for your facility type. 


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  2. Any questions can be directed to:
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