WWRD Pretreatment Plan Review


Any food establishment, commercial kitchen, commercial, industrial, agricultural or managed property that will, or may, require a pretreatment device is required submit for a plan review to the Wastewater Reclamation Division. If plans are not submitted to DSA for a Building Permit Application Review that will be routed to the Wastewater Reclamation Division, then the business should submit using the appropriate submittal type.

How to Apply

Obtain and complete the Process Request Checklist - Pretreatment and include with your submittal.  This form includes a list of items that are required to be attached to your submittal.

Go to the Maui County’s MAPPS Customer Portal to make your submittal. Choose the appropriate Pretreatment Plan Review type for your operation and follow the prompts.

  • Wastewater Pretreatment Plan Review - Grease Interceptors
  • Wastewater Pretreatment Plan Review - Other Types of Pretreatment Devices or discharge limitations
  • Wastewater Pretreatment Plan Review - Projects requiring a review without any pretreatment devices

Other Related Types of Pretreatment Reviews

  • Grease Interceptor Exemption
  • Liquor Clearance Letter
  • Liquid Waste Discharge to Sewer Request
  • Variance Request

Approving Agencies

The Department of Environmental Management Wastewater Reclamation Division is authorized to review and process all Wastewater Discharge applications and issue resulting permits.

Processing Time

Application and Plan Review can take many weeks depending on the complexity and quality of the project application and plans.  Once the plan is approved by both agencies, construction, inspections, training, final approvals and permit issuing occur over several months.

Duration of Approval

If an approval is given at the end of the process it is generally good for 12 months.  An extension may be granted if requested in writing and accompanied with sufficient backup documentation for the reasons for delay.


There are not currently any upfront fees for this type of plan review.

Set of Plans Required

Plans and applications are submitted and reviewed electronically.

The plan set should be signed/stamped by your Engineer/Architect and would generally include:

  •  Project location map
  • Overall site plan that shows all drain and sewer lines within the facility and on the property.
  • Plan view of proposed construction, (sewer lines, drain lines, floor drains, floor sinks, area drains, discharge points for any condensate lines, pump discharges, sinks, basins, equipment discharges, etc.)
  • Standard Construction, Wastewater and Specific Project Notes
  • Detail Sheet(s)
  • Facilities with Commercial or Group Kitchens should refer to Submittal Requirement for Commercial Kitchen Handout for more specific information

Approved plans of the facility are required to be on file with the Wastewater Reclamation Division prior to any construction. 


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