DWS Temporary Construction Meter


A temporary construction meter provides construction projects with water service on a one year basis.

How to Apply

To make a request, login and select Apply > Permits > DWS Request.  You will need to complete a Temporary Meter Application form.  The Temporary Meter Application form may be downloaded from the Maui County Website. select Government > Department of Water Supply > Forms.    You will need to provide the information and documentation described in the application form.  Upload your completed application form, information and documentation during your online request.  All documents to be uploaded must be PDF format.

Approving Agencies

Department of Water Supply

Processing Time

Two weeks after submittal of the application form, required supplemental documents and fee.

Duration of Approval

One year from the date of approval.


$485 meter installation charge.


  • Maui County Code, Chapters 14.01 through 14.07
  1. Engineering Division

    Physical Address
    200 S. High Street
    Kalana O Maui Building, 5th Fl
    Wailuku, HI 96793