ZAED Landscape Planting Application for Parking


To allow the Department of Planning to review landscaping plans in parking lots. The Arborist Committee may make recommendations to the Director of Planning.

How To Apply

The applicant must complete the appropriate Landscape Plan Application online, via the MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting Solution.

You must have a MAPPS Custom Self Service (CSS) account in order to apply online. Complete the information in all the steps in MAPPS CSS and upload the required documents related to your application.


NOTE: Each project is unique and may require more information than is listed below

  1. PLANTED AREA: Four-foot wide front and two-foot wide side and rear yard planted areas shall be provided immediately adjacent and parallel with each respective portion of a property line where a parking area immediately abuts. For projects that include building structures greater than two stories, front yard planted areas shall be the larger of a four-foot wide front or twenty-five percent of the required front yard setback, and three-foot wide side and rear yard planted areas shall be provided immediately adjacent and parallel with each respective portion of a property line where a parking area immediately abuts.
  2. PARKING STALLS: Indicate the total number of parking stalls on the lot and each parking stall on the plans shall be numbered.
  3. TREES:
    1. SIZE: Minimum of 6-8 feet high after planting and shall have a 2-inch caliper measuring 6-inches above the ground. 
    2. NUMBER AND LOCATION: Shade trees shall be provided at minimum regular intervals for every five spaces throughout each parking area, rounded up. Indicate on the plans the total number of each type of tree and the location of each type of tree. 
    3. TYPE: The type of tree chosen shall be an appropriate tree as listed in the Maui County Planting Plan. Some of the things considered in the appropriateness of the tree chosen include: the planting zone, predicted tree invasiveness, water requirements, salt and wind tolerance, shade classification, tree size, and elevation.
  4. ROOT BARRIERS: Root barriers with a minimum depth of 24-inches are required on the side of the tree facing pavement or cement and their locations shall be identified on the plans.
  5. GROUNDCOVER: Identify on the plans the type of groundcover to be planted around the trees along the roadway.
  6. HEDGE MATERIAL: Appropriate hedge material and/or earth mounds, and shrubs shall be provided in linear masses to function as visual screens.
  7. IRRIGATION: All planting must be irrigated by an automated irrigation system and be indicated on the plans.
  8. Wherever any portion of a parking area abuts property zoned for residential or duplex use, a five-foot high solid fence or wall shall be erected along the abutting portion of the property line
  9. It is encouraged that the landscaping area be incorporated into a storm water management plan to increase recharge and percolation of storm water.

Approving Agencies

Department of Planning

Duration of Approval

No expiration.  Each required tree and landscape planted area must be maintained and regularly irrigated by an automated system. If any required tree or landscaping is removed, it must be replaced by a tree or landscaping of the same species and maturity, or the department may require the submittal of a revised landscape plan.


See Fee Schedule, Table B, Landscape Planting Approvals.


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