CP Special Management Area (SMA) Assessment

The purpose of the Special Management Area Assessment is to regulate any use, activity or operation that qualifies as a "Development". The assessment provides a means to preserve, protect, and where possible, restore the natural resources of the Coastal Zone of Hawai‘i by establishing special controls on development within the area along the shoreline.

How To Apply
Special Management Area (SMA) Assessment applications may be submitted online, via the MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting System.

You must have a MAPPS Custom Self Service (CSS) account in order to apply online. Then you would submit the required information in MAPPS CSS and upload the required documents related to your application.

If required, a Flood Development application may also be submitted online via MAPPS. The Flood Development application must be issued prior to an SMA Exemption or Minor Permit approval.

You can access more information on how to apply for a Flood Development application by visiting the MAPPS support site. 

SMA Assessment Application Requirements

  • Evidence that the applicant is the owner or lessee of record of the real property 
    •  If the applicant is not the owner,  please include as an attachment with your application  a letter from the owner authorizing the applicant to act on the owner’s behalf, AND evidence that the authorization is from the legal owner.
    • The Department accepts electronic signatures
  • A completed Land Use Designation Form
    • A Land Use Designation Form must be completed and signed by the Department prior to a SMA Assessment application submittal via MAPPS. 
  • A completed Chapter 343, HRS Checklist Form
    • If the proposed action triggers Chapter 343, HRS, related to Environmental Impact Statements, submit a completed Environmental Assessment (EA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), or a letter of exemption from Chapter 343, HRS, from the proper authority.
  • A completed Chapter 205A-2, HRS, Assessment Information Form   
  • Plot Plans of the Subject Property prepared to scale and based upon an accurate instrument survey that are signed, dated, drawn to scale, and measured in feet.
    • The plan shall define and show the design of the proposed activity or development and the existing physical conditions of the land, including but not limited to:
      • Property boundaries
      • Topography
      • All structures including labels (e.g. Main Dwelling, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Storage Shed etc.)  
      • Natural and man-made features and trees
      • Shoreline and shoreline setback line (if applicable)  
  • Construction Plans of the Proposed Activity or Development designating the location and dimensions of the proposed activity or development on the land that are signed, dated, drawn to scale, and measured in feet.
    • If structures are part of the project scope then the plan set of the activity or development needs to include:
      • Dimensioned floor plan(s)
      • Sections
      • Elevations 
      • And other physical features of the structure 
    • Plans must include existing and proposed finished (interior) square footage and existing and proposed covered lanai square footage.
  • Photographs identifying the area where the proposed activity or development is to occur.
    • The photographs should include:
      1. The project site, 
      2. The surrounding properties, 
      3. and the relationship of the site to the nearest public roadway
    • For shoreline properties, also include photographs (1) to, (2) from, and (3) along the shoreline

Required Application Files

Approving Agencies
Department of Planning

Duration of Approval
No expiration.


Non-refundable filing fee. See Table 1 - Application Filing Fee


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