CP SM1 - Special Management Area Use Permit - Maui


The purpose of the Special Management Area Use permit is to regulate any use, activity, or operation that qualifies as "development", and has a total cost fair market value of $500,000 or more; or has significant adverse environmental or ecological effect within the Special Management Area.

How to Apply

Complete the CP SM1 - Special Management Area Use Permit - Maui Application Packet online, via the MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting Solution.  A fully processed Land Use Designation Form must be attached to the SM1 application.

Approving Agencies

Appropriate Planning Commission

Duration of Approval

No expiration. However, approvals often expire if construction is not started by the deadline stated in the permit.


All permit fees shall be assessed as set forth in the annual budget ordinance. Applicant will be notified when payment is due.