CP STRH - Short Term Rental Home


The purpose of the STRH – Short Term Rental Home is to provide varied accommodations and experiences for visitors and allow small businesses to benefit from tourism while remaining consistent with the County of Maui’s General Plan and the State of Hawaii’s land use laws and retaining the integrity and character of residential neighborhoods in which any Short Term Rental Home is located. Short Term Rental Homes are subject to appropriate restrictions and standards.

Community Plan Region Limitations

Permits issued for Short-Term Rental Homes are limited for each Community Plan Region pursuant to subsection 19.65.030.R, Maui County Code (MCC)

How to Apply

A new Short Term Rental Home application must be submitted online, via the MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting Solution.  A fully processed Land Use Designation Form must be attached to the STRH application. To renew an existing STRH, please complete the Short Term Rental Home Renewal Application Packet. Renewal applications must be submitted by email to currentdivision@mauicounty.gov following the submission guidelines detailed in the application packet.  

Approving Agency

The Planning Department is authorized to process most STRH applications.

Processing Time

It may take several months before an application is completely processed. Applicants are advised to make sure the application is complete  and that all requested information is included. 


All permit fees shall be assessed as set forth in the annual budget ordinance. Applicant will be notified when payment is due.