CP HDX - Historic District Assessment


The Historic District Assessment (HDX) is intended to preserve the integrity of county historic districts number 1 and number 2 (Lahaina) (PDF), and number 3 (Wailuku) (PDF). The Historic District Assessment ensures significant historic buildings are protected and new construction is architecturally compatible. 

Assessments for the construction, demolition, relocation, and modification of buildings and structures within the county historic districts may be approved administratively (HDA) or by the Cultural Resources Commission (HDC), depending on the nature of the project.

Please complete this assessment if you are:

  • Proposing exterior work on, or demolition of, an existing building or structure in a county historic district
  • Proposing new construction in a county historic district;
  • Proposing exterior work on, or demolition of, buildings or structures fifty (50) or more years old in the Lahaina National Historic Landmark (NHL)

A Historic District Assessment is not necessary for the following: ordinary maintenance or repair of any feature on a building or structure that does not involve change in design, material, or outer appearance.

How to Apply

Complete the Historic District Assessment online, via the MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting Solution.

Approving Agencies

Duration of Approval

No expiration


All permit fees shall be assessed as set forth in the annual budget ordinance.  Applicant will be notified when payment is due.