DSA Plumbing Permit


Plumbing permits are required for new and retrofit plumbing installations to allow the County to regulate the qualifications of installers, check the proposed plans and to inspect the plumbing/gas installations to ensure they are in compliance with the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code - Ordinance 5383 - New Maui County Code Chapter 16.20C, eff. May 13, 2022 and local municipal codes.

How to Apply

Plumbing Permits are issued only to State of Hawaii Licensed Plumbing Contractors for work within the scope of their license classifications.

You must have a MAPPS Customer Self Service account in order to apply online. Complete the information in all the steps in MAPPS CSS then upload the required documents and plans related to your application. To avoid delays in processing your application, please follow these guidelines:

  • The Permit Description should be the owner’s name (last name, first name) or the name of the business.
  • Add any contacts that should be associated to the case.
  • Attach all required forms and any other documents/plans that are relevant to the review of your application.

Go online to MAPPS CSS to apply for:

Permits for Fire lines may require a separate Fire Permit. Please refer to Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.



Applicants for a plumbing permit shall be assessed a fee as set forth in the annual budget ordinance. Applicant will be notified when payment is due.